About US

About Zouk Apartments:

Zouk Apartments are located in Zouk Mosbeh, right next to the Zouk Mosbeh – Aajalton road, and is encircled by the Notre Dame de Louaize university (NDU). The apartments are conveniently located minutes away from supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries and banks. Our apartments are mainly leased to students and tourists.

Great Location:

Our apartments are 10 mins away from the beach and 5 mins from the famous Jeita grotto. For you winter sports fanatics, you’d be happy to know that we’re located 20 mins away from Faraya’s ski slopes


Your well being is our concern. We provide fully furnished apartments accompanied with air conditioning systems as well as a centralized heating system and hot water. We also provide free parking space. Our apartments are equipped with WIFI routers and televisions. We also have helpers that come by every week to clean the building.